Seasonal tire changeovers refer to the process of switching out a vehicle's tires from winter tires to summer or all-season tires, or vice versa. This is typically done twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, to ensure that the vehicle is equipped with the appropriate tires for the current season.

The reason for seasonal tire changeovers is to ensure optimal performance, safety, and handling of the vehicle in different weather conditions. Winter tires are designed to provide better traction and handling on snowy and icy roads, while summer or all-season tires are better suited for warm and dry conditions. Using the appropriate tires for the season can also help to extend the lifespan of the tires, as they are less likely to wear out prematurely.

We don't take appointment's for seasonal tire change overs and in the fall we can get very busy! We work on a "First come first served" basis so what we ask is please drop your vehicle off early in the morning and we will have your seasonal tires changed over for you as soon as we can.

What's the differences between a tire swap and a tire changeover? 

  • Tire changeover: One set of wheels and two sets of tires. 
  • Tire swap: Two sets of wheels and two sets of tires.

So, a tire swap involves changing both sets of wheels and tires, or put another way, the tires in a tire swap are already mounted on wheels. Both of these services change all four tires, which serves the purpose of extending tire life and preventing wear and tear.  


If we store your seasonal tires then we ask you please call or email us at least 24hrs in advance so we can get your tires from our secure storage facility

To maintain your vehicle’s performance and stability, we recommend replacing all four tires with winter tires.

TIP: Beat the winter change over season RUSH and get your tires installed in October 🙂


Schedule your seasonal tire change online by using our contact page

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If your tires are stored with us please call or email us at least 24hrs in advance