Out of Province Inspection

OoP Inspections

Out of province inspections are required in some regions when a vehicle is being registered in a new province or territory. These inspections are designed to ensure that the vehicle meets the safety and environmental standards of the new province or territory.

During an out of province inspection, a licensed mechanic or inspection facility will inspect the vehicle for compliance with local safety and emissions regulations. This may include a visual inspection of the exterior, undercarriage, brakes, suspension, and tires, as well as a test of the emissions control system, engine, and other systems.

If any issues are identified during the inspection, the owner will typically be notified and given a list of required repairs or modifications needed to bring the vehicle up to compliance. Once any necessary repairs or modifications are completed, the vehicle can be re-inspected to ensure it meets the necessary safety and environmental standards.

Some vehicles are exempt from OoP inspections if they fall within these conditions outlined in the following PDF guidelines issued from the Alberta Govt "Registering an Out of Province Vehicle In Alberta".

Inspection guidelines:

To start the inspection process you will require a "request inspection form" from and Alberta Registry Agent and valid plates and insurance on your vehicle.

As per Alberta’s Vehicle Inspection regulations, we are required to inspect nearly all vehicle components including electrical systems, glass, wipers and defrosters, steering, lights, brakes, engine controls, fuel and exhaust systems, powertrain, driveline, suspension, wiring and lights, tires, body condition, etc. We are also required to make sure that the vehicle’s structural integrity is not compromised.

If your vehicle passes the inspection, our facility will issue a Vehicle Inspection Certificate. Inspection certificates are valid for 14 days and vehicles must be registered in Alberta before the expiry date. Should the vehicle owner fail to register the vehicle within 14 days, a full OOP Vehicle Inspection will be required again.

If the vehicle fails the inspection, because of some defects or repairs that are required to meet the Alberta Transportation standards, you will need to get the vehicle repaired and a re-inspection done within 10 days of the date of inspection. Vehicles repaired and presented for re-inspection within these 10 days will be subject to verification of required repairs only at a licensed Vehicle Inspection Facility. If you are not able to return for a re-inspection within 10 days of the initial date of inspection, a full OOP Vehicle Inspection will be required again.

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Out of Province inspection


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