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Central Tire

Central Tire

T5K 1H5 Edmonton

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Closed until April 20/2020 due to the Covid-19 Outbreak. Please stay safe everyone!

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Highlights of your centre

  • Waiting room

  • Telephone available

  • Wifi

  • Runflat

  • Light Truck & SUV

  • Commercial

  • Passenger

  • RV


  • Windshield Replacement

    Windshield replacement done at our store

  • Shocks/Struts

    Replace your shocks/Struts with our experts

  • Battery

    Replacement of your battery by our mechanics

  • Air conditioning

    We can recharge and check your air-conditioning circuit for more efficiency

  • Exhaust

    A full check of all the parts of your exhaust

  • Windshield wipers

    We change your windshield wipers quickly

  • Brakes

    Having Brake Issues? Have our qualified technicians inspect your brakes today!

  • Oil change

    Trust us with your vehicle’s oil changes.

  • Pre-Purchase Check

    We handle the technical check of your vehicle for you

  • Tire Levy


  • Wheel Alignments

    Edmonton roads giving you headaches? Think of what it does to your vehicle.

  • Installation and Balancing (Change Overs)

    Installation of new tires at the best price by our specialists

  • Wheels (Aluminium or Steel)

    We sell and install Aluminium or Steel wheels

  • Change of Valve Stems (Non TPMS)

    Change of your valve stems - Non TPMS equip vehicles

  • Tire Rotations

    The rotation of your tires contributes to better longevity and uniform wear

  • Tire repair

    Slow leak or Flat Tire? We can repair it!

  • Tire storage

    Let us store your tires during seasonal changes